„Someone`s sitting in the shade today
because someone planted a tree a long time ago.“
Warren Buffet


Years of experience, personal consulting and an international reputation, those are our strengths at TREMACO. For 25 years we have been emphasizing on strong and long-lasting customer relationships. Transparency about all our transactions is also an important part of our company philosophy. As our customer you are at all times informed about your actual asset status and financial situation. The quality of our service is not only based on the provision of professional financial and wealth management services but also on building a strong and long term client-relationship based on trust and transparency.

To strategically meet your individual needs and requirements we provide long years of expertise and technical competence through our company owner and founder, the Liechtestein born Johannes Matt. We at TREMACO are a professional and efficient team of consultants. We develop tailor made services that meet your personal concerns. Risks are always evaluated thoroughly, weight out and reasonably spread. Our long term solutions always include the succeeding generations so that a little tree can eventually become a forest.