The formation of a foundation is an easy and efficient way to manage assets and secure them for heirs or other beneficiaries. The foundation can be holder of a number of different asstes types such as insurance policies, real estate, ships, art or shares. It can also ideally be used to support non-profit organisations and projects. Foundations supporting non-profit projects are subject to public supervision.

The minimum capital is CHF 30.000,-. The assets put in are owned by the foundation. Only those assets are liable for its debts. The founder, the assets of the foundation and the beneficiaries are not publicly accessible.

The company is managed by the board of directors, which administers the foundations and its assets in the best interest of the beneficiaries and according to the foundations purposes. The by-laws hold all information about the beneficiaries and their rights.

The by-laws can be modified anytime, during the lifetime of the client according to changed circumstances or wishes. The contents of the by-laws are strictly confidential.

The founder enjoys extensive discretion in choosing the beneficiaries and determining their benefits. Beneficiaries can be children, partner, friends, relatives or charitable organizations. The client may also appoint himself as primary beneficiary. A foundation exists for an indefinite period of time; however it is under reserve of revocation and can be dissolved at the clients request at any time