Limited liability company

The limited liability company is an enterprise with own legal personality and independent carrier of all rights and obligations. She can acquire and dispose of any form of property, conclude contracts and be a party to legal proceedings. The liability is limited to the company´s business assets- the owners of the company are not liable for its obligations.

The organs of a limited liability company are: the meeting of shareholders (as supreme body of the company), which has to meet at least once a year, the general manager as well as the external auditors who audit the yearly financial statements and have a reporting obligation towards the shareholders meeting.

A limited liability company is formed under its own name by either one or more individuals or by one or more public or private companies, for any purpose and with a specific amount of sharecapital.

The entry into the commercial register is required for the company in order to obtain legal personality. The formation must be publicly authenticated. The minimum capital required is CHF 10.000,-. The initial contribution to the share capital by a shareholder must amount to at least CHF 50,-. Every shareholder can own one capital contribution which must be paid in full or covered by asset contributions upon formation.