Public limited company

The rules of the company limited by shares in Liechtenstein are very similar to those for the same legal form used abroad. It is a form also suitable for small or family companies.

The Liechtenstein and Swiss company laws are very close related. Therefore, Swiss law is often used as reference or when questions concerning legal implementation arise.

The company limited by shares has a legal personality. Only the company´s assets are liable for its debts.

The minimum capital is CHF 50.000,- and is divided into bearer shares or registered shares of any denomination. A capital increase from the profits of the paid-in shares may be carried out by giving free shares to shareholders without consideration.

The meeting of shareholders, the general meeting, is the supreme corporate body of the company. The auditors and the board of directors are appointed by the general meeting, which also gives formal approval to the annual financial statements and discharges the board. In the general meeting, shareholders may also amend the articles of association or decide to liquidate the company. The shareholders have a right to take part in the general meetings and to receive a dividend according to the course of business.

The company is managed by the board of directors. The board represents the company externally, and is authorized to sign for it.

The annual accounts have to be examined by auditors every year and a written report has to be submitted to the general meeting.